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If you want to know about how to win at roulette, then the good news is that this is actually something that can be a very simple process to learn. The first thing that you have to know is that roulette is absolutely a game of chance, and this means that unless you cheat there is no way that you can manage to be sure of winning any single spin of the wheel – which is why you have to be a little bit smarter about it and make the right choices before you even see the wheel spin which will raise your chances of getting a win.

The first step is to choose the right game in the first place. There are actually three kinds of roulette: American roulette, French roulette, and European roulette. If you are really serious about wanting to know how to win at roulette then there is no sugar coating it: American roulette is never the way to go. This game has a higher house edge than either of the other two variations because of the fact that it has the extra slot, the green double zero, which means that each number around the wheel has a lower chance of coming in and also means that there are two “house” slots (those not included in many of the other bets) rather than just one. In order to get the best start to your game you first have to go for either European or French roulette. From there it is all about your betting strategy, as the only way that you can influence the outcome of the game from this point onwards is by the size of the bets that you place and the type of bets that you choose.

One of the best ways to at least maintain your bankroll is to use probability to try and play the game. Though it may not work every time because of the small chance that the numbers will not come up according to probability (since each round is a new spin with chances of its own), you should think about how to win at roulette in terms of which bets give the best payouts versus their chances of coming up. If you want to bet on one single number, for example, divide your bankroll up so that you can place at least forty bets to be more certain of winning one.

New Live Roulette

A casino site for Irish players has become the latest to offer online roulette through a live game service, allowing players to watch the wheel spinning in real time without even leaving the house.

Gambling Odds Revealed

An infographic put together by Live Roulette shows how likely some popular gambling aims are, and makes the roulette odds look pretty good in comparison to their probabilities!

Krispy Kreme Roulette

Fans of both doughnuts and roulette games will love the chance to play the new Krispy Kreme roulette game, which will give you a free doughnut voucher as well as matching you a Valentine.

NJ Casino Revenue

Figures from Atlantic City show a decline in 2012’s revenue from the amount brought in during 2011. Hurricane Sandy can obviously be blamed for some of this difference, though it seems as though some online roulette games have a part to play in the decline as well.

New Office Roulette

A design company from Sheffield have shown that they know how to play roulette the interesting way, with a new site that allows you to decide who should get the teas in!

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