Scottish Progressive Electronic Roulette

The Alea casino in Glasgow has launched a new feature which is sure to get the players coming in, with the very first Scottish progressive electronic roulette system – which remains the only opportunity of its kind within the border. The biggest gaming venue in Scotland now has an extra draw for those who are thinking about starting to play there.

This is certainly one way in which you can explore how to win at roulette with a jackpot of £700, made up of three jackpots linked to the electronic roulette machines. Any player can win when they spin the wheel, no matter how much they choose to bet as their stake. This means that it is a great opportunity to test your luck as well as enjoying the game as it normally stands, with a combination of great elements that will entertain you from start to finish.

Eddie Adams, manager at Alea, said: “Our new progressive electronic roulette has already proved to be extremely popular with customers, which is hardly surprising as it’s been paying out bucket loads of hard cash to customers lucky enough to find themselves in the hot seat!”

Alea casino has a lot of great features to entertain those who visit the venue, even besides the new roulette games: they also have more basic roulette for those who are only interested in the game in its classic form, as well as plenty of other games spread across a luxurious gambling floor which features three bars at which you can get refreshments. Live entertainment is also available on site, with sixteen gaming tables which are also home to daily poker tournaments and cash tables for those who are seeking other ways to win big. They claim to be able to suit any budget and any tastes, so they are certainly worth checking out if you are in the area or are UK based and want to explore the casino options that are available to you – though for many it may be quite a drive, as the majority of UK casinos are based in London.

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