Teachers Needed In Casinos

Even though there are more table game players in casinos than ever, the guidance for the games nowadays is almost non-existent. This is causing several problems, eventually even the loss of players since a game you don’t understand is less interesting to play.

There are lessons available for the table games, but they are given during weekdays in the afternoons, a moment when it is for most players impossible to attend. More useful would be if the lessons were held on Saturday nights, when most of the players are actually around. The dealers can’t give lessons or explanations in the middle of the real games, when it is also a bit too late to start explaining. There are instructional videos at the hotel rooms and sometimes it is possible to rent how to play roulette videos in kiosks in casinos, but this is much less inviting than live lessons.

An expert from the Training and Developing Institute stated at the Global Gaming Expo stated that there is a growing need for casino game teachers. Especially now table games are getting more and more popular due to broadcastings of poker games, hosted by celebrities and poker legends. This is bringing many enthusiastic but young and inexperienced players to casinos, who need the guidance but can’t get it.

Ted Gottlieb, President of Gaming International Inc. and former craps dealer, explains that many casinos in Las Vegas have fewer places to take lessons for playing than a decade ago, when table games weren’t that popular at all. He also states that many players don’t have the courage to ask for help, so there needs to be a very welcoming atmosphere for them to take actual lessons. Gottlieb adds that many players are unaware of the rules of the games, but are being swept away by the excitement of the games. Unfortunately they also won’t be able to teach their friends the game and eventually they won’t return to the casinos, since it is no fun loosing your money when you don’t even know why.

The solution lies in offering free lessons for players and hiring dealers with teacher talents to do so. If the casinos can construct an atmosphere in which the players feel comfortable to be taught and ask questions, this could be the answer for the problem.

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